Used Telehandlers

Browse our selection of pre-owned telehandlers, forklifts, and other lifting equipment. Our used equipment is available at a great value to you having been well maintained throughout its life. Add one of these machines to your fleet today. Contact our lifting professionals to schedule an appointment to view our inventory and meet your future equipment in person.
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Dieci HERCULES 120.10
Year: 2012
Working hours: 9 h
Price: On Request

Gehl RS6-42
Year: 2006Price: On Request

Gehl DL11L55
Year: 2016Price: 139,750 USD

JLG G15-44A
Year: 2016
Working hours: 10 h
Price: 156,000 USD

Pettibone EXTENDO 1144B
Year: 2008
Working hours: 3455 h
Price: 52,500 USD

Gehl RS10-44
Year: 2016Price: 125,350 USD

Gehl RS10-44
Year: 2016Price: 125,350 USD

Gehl RS10-55
Year: 2016Price: 123,500 USD

Gehl RS10-55
Year: 2013
Working hours: 1400 h
Price: 135,000 USD

Gehl RS10-55
Year: 2015Price: 123,500 USD

Gehl RS12-42
Year: 2015Price: 110,300 USD

Gehl RS5-19
Year: 2016Price: 68,950 USD
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